Tides and cycles: Yoga for Hormonal Balance
1:00 PM13:00

Tides and cycles: Yoga for Hormonal Balance

August 17, 1:00-3:30pm

$40 preregistered/$45 at the door

REGISTER: https://www.yogatree.com/workshopsretreats.html

In this workshop, we will focus on learning to use yoga to bring balance to the hormonal system. Adjusting the practices to address challenges from PMS to hot Flashes to joint stiffness that can arise from hormonal changes within a single estrogen-based cycle or through a lifetime’s journey will be addressed, with an emphasis on turning inward to hear the body’s wisdom.

There will be an overview of active practice, but we will emphasize the use of restorative poses, breath work, and supported inversions to balance the hormonal and nervous systems and uncover the benefits of deep relaxation.

Using different modalities in different parts of our cycles and using the practice as a way to attune into rather than ignore the rich communication of the changes in the estrogen-based body’s internal initiations month to month as well as through the major phases of hormonal life can dramatically ease discomfort with transitional symptoms, as well as overall hormonal health including energy regulation, metabolism, and the process of discovering a healthy relationship with body weight.

Students will leave with a deeper connection with the inner workings of their body, and an understanding of how to use both gentle and active practice to bring balance into hormonal transitions.

All people experiencing hormonal cycles are welcome! All levels, all bodies are invited, no experience necessary.

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