Re-Growing Our Wings: A Yoga Workshop for People Healing from Trauma

Trauma is an injury, in relation to an event or life situation, that overwhelms the nervous system, altering the way we relate to ourselves, and the world. It is not a story that simply happened in the past; it creates an imprint of fear held in the body, creating a chronic and ongoing set of adaptive responses that continue to tax our entire systems. This imprint can show up in many ways, and may appear to be only in the mind. However, research shows us that trauma is a physical experience and is held in the body, directly affecting a person’s thinking and how they show up in the world. For healing to occur, reconnecting to our bodies, their instincts, and their resources of feeling and wisdom can be crucial.

Yoga can be a wonderful tool in the healing process. The practice of yoga can allow us to create a safe space within ourselves to reconnect the parts of us that may feel severed or lost. As this reconnection occurs, yoga can teach us to calm our nervous systems with breath, physical poses, and meditation; and to gradually undo the chronic tension, pain, and emotional and physical responses resulting from the trauma’s imprint. Yoga also teaches us that we are already whole, and that our identity is not the experiences we go through, but the self that can touch on peace, self-understanding, and joy regardless of our circumstances.

In this workshop, Jennifer Kollasch, MA, LMHC, DDMHS, will provide education about what is happening in our nervous systems, how it affects our thinking and relating to the world, and create the space for internal and interpersonal dialogue that will allow us to safely explore the practices of yoga as tools of healing. Veteran yoga teacher, Deborah King, leads yoga practices in these monthly workshops.

This workshop offers a safe place for people to learn how trauma affects the neurobiology of the body and practice daily coping resources for triggers. In order to honor the safe space we do not request, but offer the opportunity for anyone to share their story or the story of someone they know in a confidential setting. All levels of practice, and all bodies are welcome. Please bring a notebook and a pen, and a yoga mat if you have one.

When: 06 / 30 / 19. 10:30 am -12:30 pm

Where: 5416 California Ave. SW Seattle, WA 98136

Cost: $60 *Please ask about reduced fee if needed.

To register: go through my contact page here: or:

Photo Credit: Norman King

Photo Credit: Norman King


In this workshop, we will focus on learning to use yoga to bring balance to the hormonal system. Adjusting the practices to address challenges from PMS to hot Flashes to joint stiffness that can arise from hormonal changes within a single estrogen-based cycle or through a lifetime’s journey will be addressed, with an emphasis on turning inward to hear the body’s wisdom.

There will be an overview of active practice, but we will emphasize the use of restorative poses, breath work, and supported inversions to balance the hormonal and nervous systems and uncover the benefits of deep relaxation.

Using different modalities in different parts of our cycles and using the practice as a way to attune into rather than ignore the rich communication of the changes in the estrogen-based body’s internal initiations month to month as well as through the major phases of hormonal life can dramatically ease discomfort with transitional symptoms, as well as overall hormonal health including energy regulation, metabolism, and the process of discovering a healthy relationship with body weight.

Students will leave with a deeper connection with the inner workings of their body, and an understanding of how to use both gentle and active practice to bring balance into hormonal transitions.

All people experiencing hormonal cycles are welcome! All levels, all bodies are invited, no experience necessary.

At Yoga Tree:

August 17, 1:00-3:30pm

$40 preregistered/$45 at the door

to register: