Private Sessions


This is a practice designed specifically for the needs of your unique system. We look at movement patterns and holding places in the body and discover a process of practice geared to the individual. This is a wonderful way to address therapeutic needs, and can also be an opportunity to deepen an existing practice or to begin your study of yoga. Once I have an understanding of what works for you, I will design a home practice that can work into your schedule with whatever time you have available.

THERAPEUTICS: I am a teacher of yoga therapy, which means that I use the tools of yoga to address therapeutic issues as well as using my understanding of various conditions to build a safe and effective practice.

What is special about yoga is that the yoga view is of the person as a whole, as being already complete. In other words, your experiences and challenges do not define you, and they also must be honored for you to come fully into your potential as a lovely human. Very often your challenges are your gateways.The other part is that in yoga we can think of the nervous system as connecting the mind and the body. So we start with balancing from the inside out. Regardless of whether the holding patterns are around physical or emotional issues, it is the nervous system that continues to react around the initial injury-not because it is broken or wrong, but because that reaction was once a part of surviving.It’s important to honor it, and then gradually a larger spectrum of choices seems to arise.

Private sessions are scheduled around the Seattle area as time and studio space is available.

I receive $115 per one hour of 1 on 1 instruction.

Or, you may pay in advance for 6 sessions FOR $630- your 6th Session 50%off.

Available in:

West Seattle

Capitol Hill

Queen Anne


and Vashon.