“Deborah I want to say...you’re a medicine woman. I don’t know the exact Cantonese translation. I say that because the pain caused by the pinched nerve on my left side has subsided considerably!!!”
— Seattle Student

Fresh off a 3 year hiatus from participating in yoga classes I joined Deborah’s Women’s Restorative Series. After just one class Deborah reawakened my love for yoga. She masterfully weaved together the physical benefit of a pose with the meditation and peacefulness of the practice. She has passed along several yoga pearls of wisdom that I’ve carried over into my everyday life. I was most impressed with her ability to alter a pose to meet a wide array of physical abilities within in one class. To me having this ability speaks highly of not only her wealth and depth of experience in the practice, but also the importance she places on making sure the students get the most out of the experience.
— Catherine S., Seattle

Deborah is one of the most gifted healers I’ve been blessed to work with. Her compassion and intuition combine working together to guide and allow deep transformation to occur within her clients.
— Morgan, Maine

I attended a yoga series given by Deborah King, designed to support those suffering from anxiety and/or depression. She is a knowledgeable and competent yoga teacher. She knows the specifics and potential whole-person benefits from each pose. She has the ability to individualize each pose or series of poses, give each person what she/he needs, yet maintain a cohesive sense of group connection and kindness throughout each class. She is a wise and spiritual woman, a joy to learn from and to know.
— Susan R., Seattle

Words cannot express. I feel like my body parts are all talking to each other in the same language and my brain is on’stand down’ alert. And to be with others who know what it is to live an adaptive lifestyle and not feel ‘less than’. . . well, for every class, mentor, reading and practice you ever took or participated into make you the teacher you are, I am incredibly grateful. It makes me feel strong and empowered to tackle other goals with new zest. And using the chair to stand made me fee like I was doing barre work again. More than I ever hoped for.
— Deborah A., Seattle

I wanted to share a wonderful class today taught by Deborah King, I had not met her before today. She is very skilled in the many paths of yoga. She greeted each of us warmly. Her approach blended
compassion, caring and challenge.
— 8 Limbs Student, Seattle

Deborah, I’m amazed that such subtle work had such an immediate and profound impact on my physical, emotional, and spiritual health. That one hour of yoga therapy released a years worth of tension and grief, maybe more. Thank you for your compassion and guidance.
— Morgan, Maine

"I've found most yoga classes to be boring or not give enough attention to the individual practitioner. Deborah's style of teaching always keeps me engaged. She explains how all the parts of the body are connected and not only talks about mudras, chakras, and energy flow, but also the physiological happenings in the body in terms of the nervous and endocrine systems, and how our muscles and skeletal structure work. So I not only leave a session with her more in touch and in tune with my body, but I understand why I feel that way."


"I worked with Deborah following abdominal surgery and had never had a yoga lesson in my life. She not only helped my body relax and heal better, but gave me many tools for working with the body I had after the surgery. Her approach appealed to my background in sports training and I found her to be a very compassionate and understanding teacher. She wanted to make sure I got exactly what I needed from our time together and folded in physical healing along with what my body needed to relax more after the surgery. I look forward to our sessions together every time."

—-ANDY, Seattle