brief thoughts to the political realm

This is a difficult time to be studying the impact of trauma, especially on the developing brain. 

Thank you to those of you who are marching today. 

What I am

Most haunted by right now is the huge amount of reparation that these tiny souls will need to heal, and how unlikely that is in the face of the kind of denial that engenders this kind of abuse. 

I will be at the studio this morning. I’m coming to terms with what my own offerings are. 

However, the expectation that I will be politically neutral because I teach a spiritual practice is not appropriate.

It is because I teach a spiritual practice that I will find ways to speak out and take action against the harm that is happening on so many levels, so much from our own government.

To take the pathology out of trauma, we must recognize that it does not happen in a vacuum- any human-caused trauma happens within the context of a toxic system that dehumanizes one group for the power of another. It’s an economic exchange. 

If you differ from me politically, it will not affect my belief that you are whole; it is my deepest belief that all of us are so.

But my regard for you will not keep me from speaking or acting. There is too much at stake. 

Walk in peace. 

Deborah KingComment