Please join this act of joyful activism!

Please tell yourself today what you love about your body.

There are many possibilities of how.

If you are willing, post image, word, or any other means of expression- on social media,etc and tag me. But feel free to participate privately if that is better for you- by sharing with a circle or single loved one, or with just yourself

Please take the time to recognize what YOU love- don’t ask someone else to give you the answers. 

Affirm yourself as your own center, yourself as the source of love. Regardless of how it manifests in relationship to the world, your body is a vehicle for the beauty of your life.

When you claim this, your own center becomes strong with the power you have returned to it, and your heart has more space.


This is mine.

I love my body’s resilience.

There was a time I felt my body was an obstacle.

What I know now is it is a vehicle. I love my body for carrying me through this life; for not just healing from trauma, assault, neglect, abuse, eating disorders, chronic illness, and grief- but for giving me the experience of deepening at each and every shift.

As my acceptance and self-knowledge have grown through the many years we have been together, so has my ability to take pleasure in what I am offered my body’s ability to experience my life as I live it.

It is transient, and also a place of transformation.

Photo by the amazing John Ulman

Deborah KingComment